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Michelle Cosgrove
Flute & Piano Studio

Professional flute and piano lessons
in Perkasie and Doylestown,  PA

2019/2020 Events

Students on Tour Recitals

Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival

Musical Salon

PhMTA Kiszely Honors Recital Auditions

PhMTA Spring Festival

Conservatory Adult Coffee House

Formal Recital

Annual Flute Fair

Baroque Flute Presentation

The Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia held their first ever Flute Fair Day in April 2013 at Stage One Performance in Wallingford, PA.  Michelle was part of a five flute baroque ensemble that performed the Boismortier Concerto in D major.  Eve Friedman gave an informative workshop on the baroque flute following the performance.  Ensemble members: 1st flute: Eve Friedman, 2nd flute: Christine Moulton, 3rd flute: Ann Bies, 4th flute: Michael Lotz, 5th flute: Michelle Cosgrove

Michael (Michael's Album)

Inspiring Past Events

Real musicians never stop learning.

Kimmel Center

Students that study at The Conservatory have the opportunity to audition for The Sounds of Excellence Concert.  Only the best make it through the auditions, and the Cosgrove Studio has had participants from both flute and piano studios accepted for several years.

Project Trio

August 2015, that's when I got to shake hands with these cats.  Location: National Flute Convention.  Not familiar with them?  Greg Pattillo is THE beatboxing flutist, and his group has created some awesome music.  Check them out on YouTube.

Studio Field trip to Flute Fair

What do you do when you're waiting for your parents to pick you up from an awesome day filled with flute playing and learning?  Break out those flutes and jam with what you learned, of course!  The Flute fair is held each spring by the Philadelphia Flute Society, and is becoming a tradition for the Cosgrove students to load in the van and head down together.  Roasting of Michelle on the way down expected.

Christopher Norton

Got to meet an awesome jazz composer while at the Piano Pedagogy Conference in July 2017.  Now I have more material for those students that really disagree with the classics.  You can check out his compositions here.

Musical Salon November 2017

An informal event where music was shared at the home of Jodi Stewart-Moore.  Students played music while their friends and family were able to relax and listen in a coffee-house style atmosphere.  This was a family event that included activities and games for the younger siblings, while adults were able to have lively conversation around this kitchen table or on the sofa.  It was a great success and we look forward to next year's event!

2018 Auditioned Recital

Our trio sonata ensemble made it into the Andor Kiszely Audtioned Honors Recital held at Temple University in February.  Natalie, flute; Tim, violin; Marissa, cello; Steve Duffy, piano.  They played the first two movements of a Hasse Trio Sonata.  Congratulations on their hard work!

Kimmel Center 2018

And we made it again, this time to the Sounds of Excellence Concert sponsored by The Conservatory in Doylestown.

Monthly Students on Tour Recitals

This is just one of the many retirement communities that is serviced through the Students on Tour concert series.  Students from The Conservatory donate their time and talents to service our senior population in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

2018 Formal Recital

Held at Christopher Dock Mennonite Academy, students of the Cosgrove and Stewart-Moore studios combined to perform in 2 different recitals.  We were treated some wonderful solos and duets.  Great job, everyone!

Ensemble Rehearsals

We decided to try something a little different this time.  Kaitlyn LeCompte wanted to try her hand at singing a pop tune and playing piano.  The original recording has a string ensemble, so why not?  We made it happen.  Fun times!

Formal Recital 2019

It's officially a tradition!  The studio's annual formal recital, in conjunction with Jodi Stewart-Moore, was a huge success!  Lots of duos featuring siblings or best friends.  An experience they'll never forget.