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Michelle Cosgrove
Flute & Piano Studio

Professional flute and piano lessons
in Perkasie and Doylestown,  PA

What you can learn on


Beginner and Early Intermediate students:

Lesson , Technique, and  Theory books from any of the following methods: Alfred's  Basic Piano Library, Helen Marlais' Succeeding at the Piano, Faber's Piano Adventures, Carol Matz Piano Method
Repertoire may include student/teacher duets on familiar folk tunes such as Yankee Doodle, arrangements of classics and pop tunes


Intermediate students:  Scales, Chords, & Arpeggios by Bastien

Selected Etude Books such as Burgmuller and Kabalevsky

Repertoire may include Classics from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern time periods, Broadway and Pop, Learning to fake music through chord knowledge, NewAge piano such as David Lanz or Yiruma, Jazz piano such as Vince Guaraldi


Advanced students:

Technique book: The Virtuoso Pianist by Hanon

Etudes by Czerny or Heller

Repertoire may include Bach Fugues, Mozart Sonatas, Beethoven Sonatas, Baroque Dances, Debussy's Claire de Lune, Listz's Liebestraum, and many others from the standard repertoire of piano literature.


Transfer students:

After assessing the skill level of the student, it depends on their satisfaction with their current method book. If the student is happy with their current method books, there is no reason to switch.

I have had both of my children enrolled for piano lessons in Ms. Cosgrove's sessions for many years now. I am deeply impressed with her teaching approach. She is passionate about music, teaches to the individual needs of the student, and communicates weekly with the parents on the progress of her students. She brings to the table a profound knowledge of educational procedures and techniques that make her much more than being a music teacher. I would highly recommend her sessions for anyone who wishes to pursue the instruments Ms. Cosgrove teaches. 
Jonathan Exaros- Dad