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Private Lessons

Offering music lessons for every age, interest, and ability.

Music Lessons

Piano Lesson

Piano Lesson

From Pop and Blues to Bach and Debussy, Coffee House to Carnegie Hall, I’ll get you there!

Flute Lesson

Flute Lesson

Study the Classics, branch out to improv and extended techniques, or gain the skills to self- learn whatever you want for relaxation.

Other Flutes

Other Flutes

Alto, Bass, Piccolo

Historical Flutes

Historical Flutes

Baroque, Classical/Irish, Fife, Recorder

Ensemble Coaching

Ensemble Coaching

Piano duets and mixed instruments, String ensembles with flutes, Flute choirs

Band Instruments

Band Instruments

Tutoring available on any wind instrument, specializing in woodwinds.

In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Lessons!

Explore the precautions we take and the digital platforms used for Virtual lessons.

Flute Quartet


Latest News


Garden Concert

Our response to CoVid?  Garden party!  We had two outdoor concerts in the gardens of the Cosgrove Studio, and our students serenaded the town of Perkasie.  This one is here to stay!

Winter Wanderland in Perkasie

Perkasie’s tree lighting ceremony, the oldest in the USA, went online in 2020.  But they still had daytime festivities, and the Cosgrove Studio provided the outdoor music. Students got to try their hand at the art of gigging with half hour set lists per student!

2020 Christmas Zoom Recital

Pivot!  We couldn’t get together in person, so we had ourselves a joyful Christmas concert.  Which included our best outfit and best decorated instruments contest.  It was a blast!

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Allison- Mom

My son Scott was a "play by ear" pianist when he began lessons with Michelle. Now he is reading and writing music. Michelle gears lessons toward the individual student's style and genre. We are very pleased with her professionalism and dedication.

Allison / Mom
Jonathan Exaros- Dad

I have had both of my children enrolled for piano lessons in Ms. Cosgrove's sessions for many years now. I am deeply impressed with her teaching approach. She is passionate about music, teaches to the individual needs of the student, and communicates weekly with the parents on the progress of her students. She brings to the table a profound knowledge of educational procedures and techniques that make her much more than being a music teacher. I would highly recommend her sessions for anyone who wishes to pursue the instruments Ms. Cosgrove teaches.

Jonathan Exaros / Dad
Ellyn Miller- Happy Mom

My daughter Emily has been taking flute and piano lessons from Michelle. Michelle has been a wonderful asset to Emily's musical experience. She is tough when she needs to be, asking more when more is clearly needed. Yet she has an undeniable intuition when a little lenience or understanding is in order. Michelle has the ability to adapt and shift her approach from student to student. I know this because my daughter Gabby is now taking piano lessons and Michelle has a keen understanding of both childs' strengths and weaknesses and rolling with them. Thank you Michelle for instilling the joy of music in our children!

Ellyn Miller / Happy Mom