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2021-2022 Events

Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival

10/11/20, 1:00-5:00pm

Michelle is chairperson for this event. The Philadelphia Music Teachers Association participates in the state-wide PA Music Teachers festival named the Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival. Students play 2 memorized, contrasting pieces, and take a theory test. Those who score above 85% on the test, and receive a Superior rating are eligible to perform at the state performance festival at online.

Holiday Virtual Recital

12/12/21, 1pm and 2pm

In addition to making music, we have the best decorated piano, flute, and best holiday outfit contest. If you'd like the Zoom link, give Michelle an email and she'll send it along. Make sure to visit the Facebook page for pictures of our contestants!

PhMTA Spring Festival

3/5/22, 12:30-5:00pm

The Philadelphia Music Teachers Association provides assessment testing for both piano and flute students. Requirements are two memorized pieces and a theory test. Students get a written critique from qualified judges, and come home with a certificate and ribbon representing their level of achievement. Festival will be held online this year.

Day of Collaboration

1/15/22, 10am-4pm at Jacobs Music in Doylestown, PA

Our studio joins with a variety of other studios to create a day of ensemble music, just for fun! Flute duos, trios, quartets, flute and piano, piano duets, the only qualification is that it's at least two people performing! And we get to check what some other teachers are doing with their students. Audience members welcome. Garden concert is updated.

Garden Concert

May 2022

Garden concert at the Cosgrove Grounds! Come enjoy a socially distanced event in the fresh air. Both Virtual and In Person students may participate- virtual students are linked into the PA system and can be seen on the outdoor TV. A pop-up tent to will shield our musicians from the sun. Bring a blanket or lawn chair, your favorite drink, and some munchies to share for a pleasant afternoon. There will be a rain date.

Annual Flute Fair


Produced by the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia, this events is for all of you flute geeks! Masterclasses by prominent world-renowned flutists, workshops, concerts, and flute choir reading sessions. The competition is virtual this year with video submissions only. Here's a link to check it out. Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia

Inspiring Past Events

November 2021 - Formal Recital

We finally could have an indoor recital, woo-hoo! But now, we have the wonderful conundrum of involving our virtual students in all of our events. This was the first event that everything worked out perfectly, including the projector. Our virtual students were projected onto a movie screen on stage, and got to participate right along with our in-person students. It was great to return to the Dock Mennonite Academy Theater.

August 2021 - Perkasie Farmers Market

Summer time is for relaxing, so we take a more casual approach to our music making and regale the patrons of the market to some lively music. Students got a taste of the art of gigging, and learned how to put together a mini set list as an ambient musician. We had a boatload of fun!

May 2021 - Garden Concert

Yeah, so we still can't have an inside invite. The response is to have a fabulous garden party at the Cosgrove compound, the perfect set-up for a picnic. Lucky for us, Michelle is an avid gardener and outdoorswoman and has a big backyard with woods, tree forts, and plenty of flowers. We set up a pop-up tent, and had everyone amplified through a PA system. The best part, our virtual students also got to perform and watch, we just ran an ethernet cable outside and our student interns helped set up all the technology and run the Zoom sessions. This is another event that was a big hit, and is staying on our roster if programming.

December 2020 - Winter Wanderland

We hadn't managed to have any in person performing events since COVID hit, so we decided to join the Borough of Perkasie in their Annual Tree Lighting event, the oldest in the United States! We provided outdoor music in the form of a variety of flute choirs, piano soloists, trumpeters, and more, while we got to watch the horse drawn carriage pass us by and enjoy the wandering carolers. It was cold and windy, but I think we were all happy to finally be performing again!

Dec 2020 - 1st Annual Virtual Holiday Recital

For those who did not want to brave the cold, we had our very first holiday recital online! In addition to the joyful sharing of carols and other tunes, we established the Best decorated instrument and Best Holiday outfit contests. Pictures of contestants are viewable on the Facebook business page. It was so popular, the students begged us to run it again the following year. So we have a new tradition!

Carnegie Hall

Our flutist Natalie made it into the winners round in the Crescendo International Competitions, and Michelle accompanied her. She performed Night Soliloquy by Kent Kennan Congratulations, Nat, on the culmination of all your hard work!

August 2019 - Formal Recital 2019

It’s officially a tradition! The studio’s annual formal recital, in conjunction with Jodi Stewart-Moore, was a huge success! Lots of duos featuring siblings or best friends. An experience they’ll never forget.

August 2019 - Project Trio

August 2015, that’s when I got to shake hands with these cats. Location: National Flute Convention. Not familiar with them? Greg Pattillo is THE beatboxing flutist, and his group has created some awesome music. Check them out on YouTube. YouTube

August 2019 - Studio Field Trip To Flute Fair

What do you do when you’re waiting for your parents to pick you up from an awesome day filled with flute playing and learning? Break out those flutes and jam with what you learned, of course! The Flute fair is held each spring by the Philadelphia Flute Society, and is becoming a tradition for the Cosgrove students to load in the van and head down together. Roasting of Michelle on the way down expected.

August 2019 - Christopher Norton

Got to meet an awesome jazz composer while at the Piano Pedagogy Conference in July 2017. Now I have more material for those students that really disagree with the classics. You can check out his compositions here. Christopher Norton

2018 Auditioned Recital

Our trio sonata ensemble made it into the Andor Kiszely Audtioned Honors Recital held at Temple University in February. Natalie, flute; Tim, violin; Marissa, cello; Steve Duffy, piano. They played the first two movements of a Hasse Trio Sonata. Congratulations on their hard work!

2018 Formal Recital

Held at Christopher Dock Mennonite Academy, students of the Cosgrove and Stewart-Moore studios combined to perform in 2 different recitals. We were treated some wonderful solos and duets. Great job, everyone!

November 2017 - Musical Salon

An informal event where music was shared at the home of Jodi Stewart-Moore. Students played music while their friends and family were able to relax and listen in a coffee-house style atmosphere. This was a family event that included activities and games for the younger siblings, while adults were able to have lively conversation around this kitchen table or on the sofa. It was a great success and we look forward to next year’s event!

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