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Can You Forget How To Play The Piano?

If you must pause piano lessons, can you forget what you’ve learned? And how long does it take to relearn? The Cosgrove Flute & Piano Studio explains.

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Step-Up Flute Shopping

So you’ve outgrown your student model flute. The keys just can’t keep up with you, and you know your tone could sound a lot better. Now what? First off, don’t.

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Is It Hard To Learn a Second Instrument?

Many high level musicians are multi-instrumentalists, but how did they get there? Do they possess an uncommon amount of talent, or were they just that much more dedicated to practicing?

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Is It Okay To Learn Piano From YouTube?

In a time when you can learn nearly anything online, it’s no surprise that pianists and aspiring pianists are turning to YouTube for instruction. You can view content from experts.

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