Band Instruments

Band Instrument Lessons in Bucks County

Do I Teach Other Instruments?

Yes, I can! I have a Bachelors in Music Education, so am able to teach all instruments (strings, guitar, voice, brass, woodwinds) up to about the middle school level. As a woodwind specialist, I can get your clarinet, saxophone, or oboe student up to the high school level.

At the high school level, I encourage ensemble participation in lieu of private lessons (for those not taking flute or piano), with a focus on music interpretation rather than technique. Ensembles are curated based on student interest.

Summer session is only 6 weeks long, so the Cosgrove Studio is the perfect choice for your student if you just want them to keep their chops up! In addition to band instruments, I teach piano lessons Bucks County, piano lessons in Doylestown, PA, flute lessons, and more.

Saxophone, Clarinet and Other Lessons in Bucks County

If you or your child would like to play a woodwind instrument (or perhaps double on a woodwind instrument alongside piano lessons), I would love to hear from you. I can get you started on the clarinet, oboe, saxophone, and other instruments. I’ll help you learn the fundamentals; beautiful sound production, fingerings, transposition (if you’re used to playing in the key of C), your scales, and more, and I can help you transition to instruction at the advanced level when the time comes.

Brass Instrument Lessons in Bucks County

Whether you’d like to learn the trumpet, euphonium, tuba, trombone, or French horn, I can start you off on the right foot. We’ll learn how to hold the instrument properly, and you will practice playing with a proper embouchure and air flow. We’ll also cover the fundamentals, like lip slurs, playing legato vs. staccato, and more. Whether you are playing for your own enjoyment or enrolling your child in your school band program, I’m happy to work with you.

String Instrument Lessons

In addition to brass and woodwinds, my music education degree has equipped me to help beginning or intermediate violinists, cellists, bassists and violists. Our Bucks County music lessons will include bowing technique, scales, vibrato, sound production and more, and you will have a solid foundation on both your instrument and music in general.

band instruments

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