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Welcome to the Cosgrove Studio, the leading destination for flute lessons in Bucks County. I help children, teens and adults play the flute more beautifully every day, and whether you’re preparing for auditions, joining your high school wind band, or playing for fun, I’d love to help you reach your goals. Please get in touch for more information about my teaching approach, curriculum, and availability.

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Beginner Flute Lessons

We’ll start by mastering sound production, breathing, and tone, and from there we’ll progress into note reading and technique. You or your child will be able to play one octave Major Scales and arpeggios with up to 3 accidentals within the first year if you commit to practicing regularly.

I like to use the Rubank Elementary Method and Any Band Method, and your repertoire can include Irish Jigs, Baroque Dances, sight reading, octave transposition (if needed) of pop and Broadway music, and improvisation with primary chord progression. I do include basic music theory in my beginner flute lessons, because I want all of my students to be independent, well rounded musicians.

Flute Lessons for Intermediate Students

At this point in your development, tone becomes a key focus. We will work on your breathing, tone, and vibrato so everything you play is beautiful.

We will also work on two octave major and minor scales, chromatic scales, and arpeggios up to 4 accidentals. To do this, we will include the Rubank Intermediate Method and beginner flute duets for sight-reading practice.

Music you might play can include sonatinas, arrangements of well-known classical pieces;, lyrical romantic pieces; pop and rock; and improvisation based on blues scales (the blues is a great gateway into jazz playing).

Lessons For Advanced Flutists

For my advanced students, I like to use Trevor Wye’s series of books for tone, scales, and vibratoro. You’ll be able to play all of the major and minor scales in two octaves by memory, and you’ll be practicing three octave chromatic scales as well. We will certainly focus on the evenness and dynamic contrast of your scales at this point. In addition to your advanced flute literature (like Mozart concertos, Telemann duets, the Molique Concertino, Faure Fantasie and more), we’ll use etude collections from Andersen, Berbiguier, Karg-Elert, and others.

We will also work on extended techniques like beatboxing, flutter tongue, double and triple tonguing, and overtones.

I want to help my students prepare for an active musical life, and whether that includes district band auditions, playing in a rock band, or auditioning for a music conservatory, we’ll work hard to reach your goals.

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“She understands that my primary goal is to have fun, but to also continually improve by learning the right way ... she doesn't let me get away bad habits! I look forward to my flute lessons with her and to the opportunities to play in the Senior Tour Recitals that she coordinates.”

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