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If you live in the Quakertown area and would like to learn how to play the piano, I’m glad you found my studio. I enjoy teaching both children and adults, and whether you want to learn classical music, jazz, or pop, I’m happy to work with you.

My home studio is just a quick ride down Old Bethlehem Pike, but if you’d like to work with me online, I can accommodate lessons via Zoom or Skype as well. Please get in touch about piano lessons in my studio; I’d be happy to speak with you about my curriculum and teaching approach.

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An Accomplished Musician and Piano Teacher in Quakertown

My Education and Background

As a professional educator and musician with bachelors and masters degrees in the field, I enjoy passing on what I’ve learned with my students. I studied music education at the College of New Jersey, and performance at West Chester University; I had the privilege of working with numerous professors and accomplished musicians, and since then, I’ve performed alongside many high level musicians along the way.

Since 2001, I’ve taught lessons to children, teens, and adults, and I would be happy to share my experience with you.

About My Interdisciplinary Approach

I teach both piano and wind instruments, and I’ve found that these musical mediums inform each other. Drawing parallels between instruments has many benefits – it’s easy to get stuck in a vacuum with only one instrument, but playing multiple instruments gives me some valuable perspective.

Benefits of Piano Lessons in a Multi-Instrument Studio

I prefer not to silo my piano, flute, and other students away from each other. At the Cosgrove Studio, you or your child will be able to play duets, trios, or quartets with other musicians, and I teach my piano students the art of accompanying by pairing them up with other musicians (if that’s something you’d like to do).

Music is more fun with others, and your skills and enjoyment will both improve by making music with others.

What Will You Learn in Your Piano Lessons?

Note Reading and Music Theory

We always start with the fundamentals, and the ability to read music fluently is incredibly important. We’ll start by learning and drilling notes, and as you learn, we’ll play music using the notes you’ve learned. We’ll also start working on basic music theory from the beginning: major and minor keys, accidentals, chords, and scales will be a part of our piano lessons. As you advance, we will discuss more advanced musical theory concepts, and you will make connections between your music theory knowledge and how it applies to the music you are playing.

Practical Skills: Ear Training and Improvisation

Modern pianists get more value out of the instrument if they can play tunes by ear, and we will explore the art of composing an accompanimental line for melodies, using a fake book, and basic jazz improvisation as soon as possible. You’ll also be able to identify intervals, major vs. minor keys, and more by ear.

Technique and Healthy Playing

Many pianists develop pain later in their careers, either in their wrists, shoulders, or backs. I teach my students healthy playing technique from day one, so you won’t risk carpal tunnel or other piano-related maladies. We’ll talk about tension-free playing, wrist rotation, posture, and more, and if you start to develop bad playing habits, I’ll let you know.

Advanced Repertoire and Interpretation

As you progress at the piano, we will work together to find music that will push your abilities. Maybe your reading skills and chord facility are excellent, and Rachmaninoff comes to you fairly naturally. We can push your abilities by working on Ravel, certain Debussy pieces, or other French composers to develop your finger dexterity. Or perhaps your left hand is lagging, and you would benefit from Chopin nocturnes and the hand independence they require.

We will also interpret your music by analyzing the music theory, identifying the different compositional sections, and focusing on voicing and phrasing.

Piano Lessons in Quakertown for All Ages and Abilities

Don’t worry if you have no prior experience at the piano. I enjoy teaching beginners (both children and adults), and if you practice often, you will be playing pieces and reading music more quickly than you thought possible.

I do follow different approaches for kids and adults; I typically use the Faber piano method alongside beginner piano repertoire for children, and adults will use the Alfred piano method. My piano lessons for children include musical games and activities “off the bench” to keep them engaged, while I’ve found that adults enjoy discussing the reasoning behind different concepts and taking a more cerebral approach.

What Genres Can You Learn?

I enjoy taking my students’ preferences into consideration when choosing music and etudes, although my students all receive a well-rounded, fundamentally sound education that they can apply to any musical discipline. I set the stage for jazz and blues by teaching theory, chord progression, and improvisational skills, and if you would like to play the keyboard in a band or worship group, I can help you learn to read lead sheets and develop other related skills.

If you are more classically focused, I’m happy to help you work through and choose challenging sonatas, preludes, or even concertos that will help you compete or audition at a high level.

We also use mainstream music, pop tunes, and music from the Great American Songbook in my lessons, and my goal is to help you love music as much as I do – I won’t force a particular dogma or piece of literature on you.

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I’m looking forward to working with you! Please get in touch at your earliest convenience, and whether you would like to enroll your child in lessons or learn the piano for yourself, I’m confident we can accomplish your goals.

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