Piano Lessons in Doylestown, PA

What Will You Learn In Piano Lessons?

Techniques and Skills

Firstly, my students learn how to read music fluently in both the bass and treble clefs. This gives you the freedom to pick up any piece of music you wish to learn throughout your life, learn it, and play it. We will also work on sight reading, among other practical skills.

Secondly, we’ll work on good piano technique right from day one. Your posture and hand position are incredibly important for your health, and we’ll develop finger dexterity, proper wrist motion, the ability to play without tension, and more.

We will also develop your musical ear in piano lessons. My students can identify steps and skips by ear, reproduce tunes that they hear, play music “by ear” at the piano in different keys, and even compose. This leads into the music theory we learn in lessons as well – you will learn key signatures, time signatures, chord progressions, and how to pair chord accompaniments with a melody line.

My Piano Teaching Curriculum

Piano Lessons in Doylestown, PA For All Ages

I enjoy working with piano students of all ages, and whether you are an adult starting piano for the first time, have a teenager preparing for college auditions, or wish to start your children on the piano at a young age, please get in touch. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at my piano studio, and we will work together to create appropriate lesson progressions depending on your goals and stage of life.

Piano Lessons For Kids and Teens

Has your child demonstrated an interest in music, or do you want the piano to become an integral part of their development and education? I enjoy working with children at the piano, and I’ve found that my students genuinely enjoy learning how to play.

I always find an angle that makes lessons interesting for each child; some kids enjoy playing by ear, some have an affinity for reading music, and others love the music from a particular movie or game. While I always provide a well-rounded learning experience for each student, I do try to incorporate their specific interests into lessons. Young children may absorb more information if we play educational games away from the bench, while children in grades 4-6 may actually enjoy doing music theory worksheets and learning how music works. Every child is different, and my lessons reflect that.

If you have a high schooler interested in lessons, I would love to work with you as well. I’ve taught high schoolers with no experience and those transferring in from other teachers.

Musically speaking, high school is an interesting time: your child may be deciding whether they want to seriously pursue the piano at the next level, or if they want the piano to be a rewarding hobby that they enjoy casually. We will tailor lessons, repertoire selection, and learning materials accordingly.

Piano Lessons For Adults in Doylestown

Started online, transfering to in person. Deficient in reading, or ear playing. Want to play keyboard in a band or church.

Learn From An Experienced Piano Teacher

I’ve been teaching music for over 20 years, have earned both bachelors and masters degrees in music, and I’ve worked with every skill level and age group at the keyboard. Whatever your unique situation may hold, I can help you from a place of experience.

If you would like to learn more about my teaching style, methods, or experience, please get in touch! I am looking forward to hearing from you, and we can find a lesson time (either in person or online) that suits your schedule.

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“I have had both of my children enrolled for piano lessons in Ms. Cosgrove's sessions for many years now. I am deeply impressed with her teaching approach. She is passionate about music, teaches to the individual needs of the student, and communicates weekly with the parents on the progress of her students.”

Johnathon, Dad
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