In-Person Lessons

For students who prefer in-person instruction, I offer two different locations: Perkasie and Doylestown. In Perkasie, lessons take place in my home studio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Lessons in Doylestown are held at the Signature School of Music on Mondays.

A woman in a purple sweater plays the piano with her right hand.

Hybrid Lessons

Feeling sick, but don’t want to give up your lesson? Looking to avoid a drive through nasty weather? Maybe the car isn’t starting? Whatever the reason, virtual lessons are always an option — even if you usually meet for in-person instruction. Michelle always has her computer with her. With just a few minutes notice, you can get a virtual lesson underway.

An open book of sheet music

Virtual Lessons

If you prefer to learn from home or don’t live within driving distance of our in-person locations, you’ll be happy to learn that virtual lessons have come a long way. Michelle has been giving virtual lessons since long before COVID-19! Students can connect with Michelle on a range of platforms to begin or continue their education. 

A woman in a yellow sweater with rolled-up sleeves practices the flute

Virtual Lesson Platforms

Michelle has conducted virtual lessons with the following platforms: Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger. She is happy to join any new platform to better serve students. Unfortunately, FaceTime lessons are not currently available.