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Is it okay to learn piano from youtube?

In a time when you can learn nearly anything online, it’s no surprise that pianists and aspiring pianists are turning to YouTube for instruction. You can view content from experts all over the world, and you can very often glean valuable insights for free.

But can you really learn how to play the piano on YouTube? Will you become a proficient pianist without a teacher by your side? This article will discuss the pros and cons of learning the piano from free videos online.

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Is It Okay To Learn Piano From YouTube?

Yes, you can learn the basics of how to play the piano on YouTube, and this method can be especially valuable if you are focusing on specialized aspects of playing, like reading fake books, finding technical exercises recommended by professionals, and things like that. Even if you are a complete beginner, YouTube can teach you the notes on the piano, how to read bass and treble clefs, and more.

You can’t necessarily become an advanced pianist from YouTube though. With a teacher, you will receive customized feedback speaking directly to your strengths and deficiencies. If your technique is just slightly off, your teacher can help correct it so that you can play faster, more beautifully, and without pain.

If a concept doesn’t initially make sense to you (like sharps and flats, for instance), you don’t have any recourse from a YouTube instructor – but a teacher can find an explanation that “clicks” with you. Also, there are many advanced concepts that become important even in your first or second year of lessons, and YouTube videos can’t dive deep enough for you to be a fundamentally sound musician.

Perhaps the most important shortcoming of learning the piano from YouTube is that you have to know exactly which questions to ask to find the right videos. You can waste hours of time simply finding and compiling good videos to learn from, and there’s no one to tell you if the video you found is accurate or misleading.

A teacher will answer your questions before they arise, create an intuitive and effective learning progression for you (so that you don’t have to build a learning plan yourself online), and help you learn how to practice on your own.

Are There Free Piano Lessons On YouTube?

Yes, there are many free piano lessons on YouTube. Here are some searches to get you started:

  • How to read music on the musical staff
  • How to read notes on the piano
  • What do the pedals on the piano do
  • How to play piano with good posture
  • How to learn chords on the piano
  • Beginners guide to accidentals in piano music
  • Beginners guide to time signatures in music

One problem with YouTube, though, is that many teachers simply post a “teaser” video without giving you any valuable information, and then you have to purchase their paid product to keep learning. At this point, you’re better off contacting an experienced teacher to help you learn.

Who Are Some Good YouTube Piano Teachers?

Josh Wright

Josh Wright is a great choice because he’s not just a Youtuber. He is a performing artist and professor in the more traditional sense, and he has high quality videos that can help both beginners and advanced students.


Pianote has a paid subscription service, but their free YouTube content is above average. Furthermore, they bring a number of pianists and teachers in for guest appearances, so you can get a variety of perspectives.

Mangold Project

This is an interesting way to get started, and while you can’t become a well-rounded or advanced pianist with these videos, you can learn enough chords and notes to play tunes and rudimentary songs. If you just want to have some fun on a keyboard, it’s a good option.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Piano Online?

Finding an experienced, qualified piano teacher is by far the best way to learn the piano, even online. I am able to work with piano students of all ages and skill levels from anywhere in the world, and we accomplish just as much online as we do in person.

But certain piano learning apps are also effective for supplementing private lessons. They can function as an excellent practice aid, tool for when you don’t have time for the piano, or even a way to gain a rudimentary understanding of piano before you enroll in lessons. Simply Piano is one of the better apps on the market, and if you pay annually, the value is quite good. Piano Groove can get you started with some free jazz lessons if you want to explore that genre, and there are many, many others.

If you’d like to learn more about my music lessons in Bucks County, whether or not piano lessons are a good fit for you, or anything else, please get in touch!

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