Ensemble Coaching

From pop groups to classical chamber ensembles, the Cosgrove Studio has done it all!

The Cosgrove Studio occasionally partners with other area studios and teachers to form ensembles. In the past these have included musicians such as violinists, pianists, flutists, guitarists, trumpeters, vocalists, and more. 

Depending on the instruments and musicians available, Michelle curates a unique chamber ensemble each time. The ultimate goals will depend on those of each member.  Some musical groups have their eyes set on performing at the Kimmel Center or Carnegie Hall. Others just want to play for fun or stay local and perform at small community events.

Check Some Ensemble Performances

Watch these videos to see some of the ensembles Michelle Cosgrove has coached over the years.

Trio Sonanta

Natalie, a flautist was always up for teamwork. In addition to Natalie, this performance features Tim on violin, Madeline on cello, and myself on piano. We made it to the Kimmel Center.

Pop Goes the Quartet

Summertime fun! Here, you can see a middle school and early high school flute quartet playing a piccolo, 2 C flutes, and an Alto flute. The piece is deliberately atonal and I couldn’t find a recording online.  We decided to make one of our own! This ensemble was just a short summer session, but we still got to perform at a recital at one of our local retirement communities.

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